Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 1: Monday Blahs

Yes I did the dorkiest thing ever, I recreated my outfit on my spare room bed! I thought I'd be able to take my own pic but it was an epic failure...

Jacket Banana Republic Fall 2009; Scarf Banana Republic Outlet; Hat Club Monaco Winter 2008; Sweater Club Monaco; Shirt Banana Republic. (Whoa I need new places to shop!)

So this is a pretty standard outfit, my usual shirt and v-neck go to... so I'm totally cheating it by showing the outdoor version with my jacket which is not counted in my 30... it's outerwear! If you're not bored enough I wore this with black trousers and my black booties.

Hopefully inspiration will hit later this week...


  1. Hey there, fellow remixer! I love your outfit, especially the hat! It's not boring at all. Looking forward to seeing how you style the rest of your pieces =]

  2. Yeah.. I was hoping this blog had more outfits from uuuu.... lady, u need to take pictures of it on so we can see how great u look!

  3. I was very tempted to do the same - instead I just went ahead and posted my really bad self portrait...

    Love the color combination you have here.

  4. Urgh I hate taking pics of myself too, I am struggling with that! I love how you recreated your outfit on the bed though, a serisouly fab idea for when the camera/ mirror won't play ball! You are not a dork :)

  5. Why don't you ask your hubby? Isn't that why you married him - to do things for you!?