Saturday, November 20, 2010

Closet Lust : Christmas List

No shopping has made me go on an online shopping frenzy, does that count? Is it wrong to window shop? Is it more the act of buying that's not allowed?

Either way, this may illustrate the point of the remixing exercise although I am wildly looking forward to shopping the rest of my closet!

These textured tights in a lovely wine hue would surely add character, texture and colour to any outfit!

via Gap

I've been wanting a double duty purse with short handles and a cross-body strap for a while and when I treated myself in Paris this summer that was the only thing missing from my coveted 24 heures from Gerard Darel, but this lovely purse from J. Crew would fit the bill, it does have a Marc Jacobs feel to it with the turnlock.

I would also love to have a pair of pleated high waisted cropped pants. Sounds like an atrocity I know, but I really love the androgyny of this style, I'm just not sure for footwear in my cold climate.

via Zara

Zara does offer a nice array of footwear too, at the beginning of the season I was really gunning for oxfords or motorcycle boots, and I ended up with a lovely pair of conservative and very useful booties, but I will watching for a few of these to go on sale!

via Zara
and here

I tried on the strappy ones and am a bit concerned about comfort but at a reasonable price I wouldn't say no, a nice reasonable alternative to Vivienne Westwood's iconic pirate boots. My colleague came to work wearing the oxford booties and told me she found them quite comfortable.

TBC, because obviously the closet lust never ends.

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