Saturday, November 27, 2010

Closet Aside : DIY Ear Warmer Bow Headband

After some intense shopping on asos on my day off I stumbled upon this and thought 'I can make that!'



What do you think?

I really don't have an interesting outfit today we did some holiday shopping, and I resisted! Hubby did get me some prezzies though!

So I thought I'd share with you my holiday nail polish shade. For Fall I've been going nuts for the second year in a row for my Metro Chic from Sephora by OPI. I have a shimmery gold that would make a nice holiday colour, but this is Chick Flick Cherry from OPI, I thought it was a bit dark at first I had wanted a classic red, but it's really growing on me and against white and black it really pops.


Actually it looks pretty bright in the pic and I have to say my manicure skillz are getting seriously bad (in the wickedest way)!


  1. love the diy. maybe i could make one for my sister and then swipe it. pretend selflessness, you see;)

  2. Nancy would like you to make one of these for her... please she says