Sunday, December 12, 2010

First day of the rest of my life

30 for 30 is over! I'm sorry that I wasn't so diligent about posting all my outfits. My photog is pretty reluctant at times. I feel majorly relieved but I still want to wear some of the items in the 30 which I guess is a testament to my selection. But I am very glad I can keep shopping the (rather extensive) closet. I never wore my grey brogues because it got too cold but this last week I had to add some very practical non aesthetic winter boots and I had my one cheat day (where I bought tights and wore items not included in the 30 for my Christmas party), overall not bad.

So this is my second holiday party outfit (for hubby's corporate party).




Cashmere cardigan Club Monaco; clutch Matt and Nat; top Banana Republic; skirt Jacob Fall/Winter 2010; belt Winners (Steve Madden); lace tights 'vintage' from my mom's drawer (new in package! thanks mom); shoes Nine West.

Hubby helped me with my selection of pieces to go with the skirt which I totally fell in love with (see previous post). But in the end I should have maybe worn solid tights. I don't know if I looked a bit harlot-ty with the lace tights. He picked the black top and I thought it'd be too drab with solid black tights but I really wanted to try out this red lipstick so burgundy tights would've maybe clashed (overthinking it much?).

What do you think about the lipstick? That's really out of the box for me! Now that I'm getting used to it though I'm thinking of investing in a better shade (not sure if this is really the shade of red for me but it was on special at the drug store and worth it to experiment).


  1. I love outfit from the red lip to the lace tights. It's not harlot-y at all. I think black opaque tights would be too heavy and it wouldn't look festive, it'd look like you were headed to a funeral! Also, the velvet skirt looks amazing on you!

    Congrats on finishing the 30 for 30! =)

  2. Before I read the part where you ask about the lipstick, I was thinking, nice lipstick! You look very sexy yet sophisticated!

    Congrats on surviving the challenge!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

    k :-)