Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 22 : Reckoning

Today is reckoning because one of my bozos is about to get it!

I wasn't sure about the cardi/dress combo the colours seem a bit a bland, but I got some compliments... I last wore this dress without tying the bow, but I feel very grown up with the bow!



Coat Maxstudio; cardigan J Crew; dress Club Monaco; tights Winners; Boots Winners; belt hubby's closet I think it's American Eagle.

Tomorrow is my work Christmas party, and around the parts where I work apparently people get their hair done and stuff! Anyways keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow!


  1. Cute outfit and even though it's in neutral colors, the contrasting colors and mix of textures are so interesting! And I'm excited to see what you'll wear for the party! =)

  2. this is really cute - and i love the cardigan!