Monday, December 6, 2010

Closet Lust : Footwear

Speaking of which (re: Kalila's comment) I am totally lusting after these perfect leopard print pumps and am really hoping to get them Boxing Day this year.

via Zara

How perfect are they? Let me count the ways. Heel height, perfect; closed-toe, perfect (for my climate); print, perfect; texture, perfect. I heart, I want, I need.

I also saw this almost perfect pair at Banana Republic (can't find them but basically this model in leopard print). But I feel that by fall I really need to cover up those toes and I just find I'll get that much more out of the pump.

This pump though is calling to me and at a crazy reasonable price, maybe, but it's just too tall. The footwear gods need to keep those platforms to make reasonable shoes taller, not tall enough shoes even taller!

via Banana Republic

And yes I'm totally posting this instead of yesterday's entirely blah outift.

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  1. I see we both have the same faith! How I love the footwear Gods ;) Love the leopard print shoes from Zara! I just bought a pair of suede sandals in the same green. Really feeling this colour green. Australia has some really good shoes!